How To Get Help When You Need It

by Wes

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Helping Hands by American Center Mumbai, on FlickrYou’ve heard me say many times that you can’t build significant success by yourself. But we all try, don’t we?

Many times we draw back from building relationships or asking for help because we don’t feel qualified.  We’re embarrassed that we might be shown up as incompetent or as impostors.

Well, here’s an approach that will work. You don’t build the relationships you need by asking for help. You build those relationships by helping others!

Here’s 3 ways that you can support or encourage others.

  1. Get involved in groups or blogs related to what you do, or want to do. Provide helpful ideas and comments whenever you can.
  2. If someone needs help in an area you’re particularly good at, offer more detailed help if that’s appropriate, or refer them to other blogs or articles that might help.
  3. Make introductions if you know someone who might a helpful resource.

What you give, you get. The more you help, the bigger your circle becomes, and when you need something, there they are! It’s the old concept of paying it forward.

Don’t ever expect to get something back from the person you help. The Universe doesn’t work that way. Sometimes the help you get will come from some unexpected place that doesn’t look like it’s related at all to anyone you helped.

But it is. The Universe works like that.

And you can count on it.

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Photo credit: Flickr

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